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LA Sweeties



Obsession by Weeties

LA Sweeties started as a small clothing shop for Juniors. We began to grow and were able to bring new and exciting styles to the every woman, but not every woman comes in the same size. The need for similar styles in full figured sizes started to become very clear. Trying to have this goal met gave us the perfect opportunity to open Sweeties Plus!

As with LA Sweeties, we at Sweeties Plus do our best to bring in the latest fashion, trends and styles. All at an exceptional value; from casual apparel to evening attire. Customers come in for out weeks arrivals of new, fun, and exciting clothes, leaving with more than just a great shopping experience. 

Sweeties Plus is located in the LA Fashion District; a highly competitive, fast paced environment where innovation and new ideas help inspire future trends. The variety of shoppers and guests we have coming through our stores has though us what we need in order to fulfill our commitment to customer satisfaction. It quickly came to our attention that many women across the nation deserved to have access to the same styles and prices. And there is no better way of doing that than bringing our store online. We put a lot of effort into it, and with feedback we received in-store, we hope you enjoy your time shopping Sweeties Plus Online!